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Modern Home consists of a team that comes together with creative designs and expertise to make your dreams come true. You imagine us of carrying.

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As Modern Home, we offer a comprehensive range of services in the field of architecture and engineering. Our team of experts is experts in all types of project preparation at TRNC.

We provide services in areas such as architectural design, structural analysis, electrical planning, and mechanical engineering.

By focusing on modern aesthetics and functional designs, we turn your visions into reality.


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About us

As Modern Home, we are an architecture and engineering office located in Northern Cyprus. Our professional team aims to provide the highest quality service to our customers by offering innovative designs and engineering solutions.

We work with an understanding that adopts a unique approach to each project and prioritizes customer satisfaction. We have extensive experience in architecture, interior architecture, static, electrical and mechanical projects. We work closely to understand our customers' needs and expectations and strive to make their dreams come true.

Good thoughts from our customers


”Inspiration and imagination form the basis of his work. The team respects design traditions and does its best to preserve them. A place where people work with integrity.”


“It is clear that they are trying to improve their customer service by developing the right mix of technology and creativity to make sure every job is done as efficiently as possible.”

Funda Goktas

“They show the 3D facade for the client before the 2D drawing, which is more understandable and imaginable, from which we can decide on the material to be applied to the building.”